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3 Counts Hit and Run, No loss of license

Man was driving home late at night and fell asleep at the wheel hitting a parked car which collided with another parked car and then he allegedly drove onto a lawn and hit a third car. In a state of shock, he went home and went to bed leaving his bumper and license plate at the scene. Charged with three separate counts (citations) for hit and run, one citation for failure to report an accident, one citation for inattentive driving, and one for failure to maintain control. Client had a Commercial Driver's License and was facing lifetime loss of the CDL based on the hit and run charges and potential loss of license from the failure to report charge. This would have meant loss of high paying successful job and problably loss of house due to no job. Result: All hit and runs and failure to report either dismissed or amended. Stipulated to a total of 11 points based on amended charges. No loss of license for even one day!