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$410,000.00 Bicycle vs. ATV Knee Injuries

Bike Lawyer Clayton Griessmeyer represented a husband and wife injured while riding on a Wisconsin State Bike Trail.  As they were riding, a man crossed onto the trail from a nearby farm with his ATV.  He drove into the bicyclists and then told them they should have yielded because there was a yield sign facing the bicyclists about 100 feet before they got to the point of impact.  The insurance company said the bicyclists were both 100% at fault and had a duty to yield based on the sign.

After almost four years of fighting, and a few weeks before the jury trial, the insurance company offered $410,000 to settle the case rather than face Attorney Griessmeyer and his wonderful clients at trial.  The case involved numerous experts on signage, trail rights of way and other issues.  Even after resolving the case, Attorney Griessmeyer and his clients continue to try to make the trail safer for other bicyclists and prevent anyone else from getting hurt.  *The bicyclists had to pay an attorney fee and a total of $45,000 in past medical bills as part of the settlment.*