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Choosing a Wisconsin Bike Accident Lawyer

Clayton Griessmeyer is a Wisconsin bicycle accident trial lawyer.  The majority of his injury cases are bicycle accidents.  He races, bike tours, commutes by bike, maintains a blog of current Wisconsin bike laws and events, works with experts and advocacy organizations, and sponsors many Wisconsin bike events.  

Things to consider before hiring a lawyer for your bike accident:

Has the lawyer ever tried a case to a jury?

Has the lawyer ever tried a bike case to a jury?

Does the lawyer commute, race bikes, and understand the importance of exercise and being in shape?

Does the lawyer do anything in his or her free time to make biking safer in Wisconsin?

Does the lawyer handle a significant amount of bicycle cases to be familiar with the steady changes in laws?

Does the lawyer's website show actual past bicycle injury verdict and settlement amounts or does the website just say something vague about "experience."

Have you actually spoken to or met the actual attorney handling your case?

Is a majority of the lawyer's website devoted to bicycle issues or is most of the website non bicycle in nature and bicycles are mentioned to try to pick up extra work?

How large is the lawyer's or law firm practice?   Ask the potential lawyer if a paralegal will be working on your case instead of a  lawyer.

Has the lawyer or law firm guaranteed or promised anything to you.  This is unethical.  In the legal world everything is uncertain.  All you can ask for is a lawyer who cares about you and will fight for you.  Be skeptical if a lawyer only tells you the good things about your case and not the bad.

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