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Can I Get an Occupational License?

Getting an occupational license depends on several factors.  People convicted of DUI, drug crimes, and points/habitual traffic offenders, may be eligible. The occupational license restricts driving to work, church etc. and limits to 12 hours per day and 60 hours per week.   Juveniles convicted of drug crimes and anyone with two separate revocations in a one year period are ineligible.  If convicted of second offense or more DUI, proof of mandatory assessment and compliance with ignition interlock is required.


Waiting periods for drug convictions are: none first offense, 60 days second, and 90 days third.

Waiting periods for DUI include: first none, second or more 45 days, injury 60 days.

Waiting periods for refusals are: first 30 days, second 90, third 120 days.  

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