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Cap Times Article on Buzzed/Drunk Biking in Wisconsin

July 2015 article by reporter Steve Elbow discussing the legality of drinking and bicycling in Wisconsin.  

“Isn’t that crazy?” said Clayton Griessmeyer, a local attorney who specializes in bicycle injury cases. “Here you can drive your car drunk and not get a criminal conviction, and there you can get a criminal conviction for riding your bike at .09 (blood alcohol content).”

According to Griessmeyer, when a biker is taken to a hospital with a significant injury, hospital personnel usually draw and test blood. If toxicology tests indicate that the biker had been drinking, an otherwise open-and-shut case might get complicated.

“Chances are then that the driver’s insurance company, assuming the driver’s at fault, would see those records and they would consider it a helpful issue to them that the cyclist was drinking or if they were over the limit,” he said. “If someone was drunk it would probably be relevant, and it would become an issue for sure.”

But it’s probably not an issue people think about before walking from bar to bike. In fact, said Griessmeyer, most of those who bike buzzed do so despite thinking, mistakenly, that it’s illegal.

“I don’t think (the lack of a drunken biking law) encourages them because I think most people don’t even know,” he said. “A lot of times I get that question from people, ‘Can you get a DUI on a bike?’ And most people actually think they can.”

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