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Madison Criminal Defense Attorney

1. What is a criminal defense attorney?

A person who represents people charged with crimes.  A crime is a charge brough by a local d.a. that involves the potential of jail or prison.  There are public defenders that are employed by the State of Wisconsin that only represent people charged with crimes and have a lot of experience with all types of crimes and are in court very often.  There are also private attorneys who represent people charged with crimes for a fee.

2. What does a criminal defense attorney do?

They meet with you, make sure they have all discovery and other potential evidence in your case, discuss your options and goals, negotiate with the d.a. on your behalf, represent you at motions, trial, pleas, sentecning, and appeals.

3. How does does a criminal defense lawyer cost?

Just as car repair shops charge different amounts for the same type of service, lawyers will charge different amounts.  The best bet is to call several different lawyers and ask them what they charge and what it includes.  If you mention you talked to other lawers and what that lawyer quoted you, the other lawyer may try to match or beat that price.

4. Should you hire a lawyer?

Criminal charges and convictions invovle serious and long lasting consequences even for something minor like a disorderly conduct.  Lawyers are able to notice issues that a lay person may not and should be familar with ways to help you such as expungment, amendment to a different charge, getting the d.a. not to file in the first place, winning at trial etc.  Judges encourage people to get a lawyer on criminal cases.  Public defenders are available for people who do not have a lot of money.

5. Can you represent yourself?

Yes, a judge will make sure you are aware of the disadvantages and understand that if you get convicted and sentenced and don't like the outcome it is too late to ask for a lawyer.

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