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Madison and Milwaukee Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Have you been injured in a Milwaukee, Madison, or other Wisconsin bicycle accident?  Are you confused about what the Wisconsin bicycle laws are and whether or not they apply to your case?  Did the driver or their insurance company blame you for the collision?  Are you worried about who will cover your medical bills?  Are you concerned your own insurance company may blame you to try to save money?  Does the police accident report contain inaccurate statements?  Are you wondering how injured people and their lawers determine an amount for pain and suffering?  Would you prefer to just handle things on your own rather than having to deal with a lawyer who will take a portion of your recovery?  Are you worried that if you contact a lawyer your friends and family will think you are a bad person and are looking for "jackpot justice?"  Attorney Clayton Griessmeyer is a bicycle injury lawyer with offices in Milwaukee and Madison.  He combines his own passion for biking with the practice of law.   Why hire a lawyer that spends his or her free time golfing and end up trying to explain bicycle specific issues to your own lawyer? If you hire Attorney Griessmeyer you get an attorney who:

1. Always meets with injured bicyclists for free and provides free advice on how to handle a case without hiring a lawyer;

2. Helps all types of bicyclists-commuters, racers, leisure riders, lifelong bikers, newbies;

3. Commutes, bike tours, Races Criteriums, Cyclocross, Triathlons, Gravel grinders and others;

4. Sponsors Wisconsin Races, Bike Clubs, and Statewide Bike Advocacy Organizations;

5. Has experience representing injured bicyclists from bruises to permanent brain injury;

6. Is a Board Member of the Wisconsin Bike Fed-a 5,000+ member organization that is the oldest Bike Advocacy Organization in the Nation;

7. Was trained by California Bicycle Injury Lawyer Richard Duquette in Carlsbad/San Diego California and also trained under Gerry Spence (greatest trial lawyer in America);

8. Is Certified by the Wisconsin DOT for Teaching Bike Safety

9. Is familiar with bicycle specific legal issues including right of way, crosswalks, bicycle path laws, bicycle specific signage, lights, safe riding, common dangerous driving and bicycling behavior.

10. Stays on top of new Wisconsin bike laws, races, rides, clubs, events, and advocacy and publishes a blog ( as a resource for Wisconsin bicyclists.

11. Owns one of only 27 Bicycle Friendly Businesses in Wisconsin;

12. Has personally ridden the majority of popular Wisconsin bicycle trails, paths, routes, roads, and group rides;

13. Understands how bicyclists function in traffic on roads and highways;

14. Understands how and why bike accidents happen.

15. Has personally met with State representatives regarding changes to laws to help protect Wisconsi bicyclists.

16. Has oganized a team for the annual Endomondo National Bike Challenge (every year to date) to encourage people to ride bikes (not race) for exercise, health, less CO2, and to save gas money.

17. Provides free advice to all bicyclists and never represents insurance companies against injured bicyclists;

Call anytime for free advice including tickets, injuries, questions about Wisconsin bike laws, or how to properly handle a Wisconsin bike injury claim.  414-207-4426 (Milwaukee Area) or 608 320-6710 (Madison Area).  Email: