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Do I Need a Person Injury Lawyer?

1. Did you get injured by someone who did something unreasonable?

2. Is the insurance company blaming you even though the person who hurt you got cited by the police and you did not?

3. Do you feel you can't get through to the insurance adjuster and no matter what you say they don't take it into consideration?

4. Is the insurance adjuster making ridiculous statements that even they probably do not believe?

5. Did the insurance company offer you substantially less for your broken car or bike than you bought it for?

6. Are you concerned that the person who hurt you will go on to hurt someone else in the future unless something is done about it?

7. Were you hit by an uninsured or underinsured driver and now your own insurance company wants to take a recorded statement of you to try to blame you so they don't have to pay you?

8. Did the person who hurt you lie to the police about what happened and the police put the lie in their report?

9. Do you just want to make sure you get your out of pocket medical bills paid and the person who hurt you is refusing to do that?

10. Are you trying to make sure your family gets back money you lost from missed work due to your injuries?


Personal injury cases generally involve three stages.  1. Settlement with an adjuster without filing a lawsuit. 2. Filing a lawsuit. 3. Trial.  Most cases settle. The client makes all decisions about whether they want to settle without lawsuit, file lawsuit, or go to trial.  The lawyer advises but does not make any decisions.  

The problem with trying handle an injury case without a lawyer is that at stage #1 above, there is nothing keeping the insurance adjuster in check.  The adjuster is employed by an insurance corporation that makes millions or billions of dollars.  They do not care about you, they do not care about what is fair or just.  Their goal is to get you to go away for the least amount of money possible.  They may offer you a small amount of money knowing you will have to give that money to your medical providers as pay back for past bills and not even tell you this.  

At stage one, adjusters can and do say anything they feel like.  For example, if the person who hurt you violated five different safety rules and was given five different citations by the police and you were given none, the adjuster may still blame you and say you were 100% at fault and their insured who was given five citations is 0% at fault.  How can they do that you ask?  It's because this is not your insurance company.  They have to duty to treat you fairly.  You have no contract with them.  They do not care about you, they only care about money.  

The only way to deal with an adjuster who blames you 100% when in reality you were 0% at fault is to either give up and move on with life, or to file a lawsuit.  Adjusters recognize that filing a lawsuit is complicated and most people will not do it without hiring a lawyer.  For this reason, the adjuster may try to pay you a small amount hoping you go away and don't hire a lawyer for a fair resolution.  

Most people who end up hiring a lawyer have already tried handling the case on their own and were either blamed or treated unfairly.  Unfortunately they have no choice but to either give up or hire a lawyer.  

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