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Felony Fleeing-Amended to Misdemeanor and Expunged

Young Army Veteran who served two tours in Iraq was riding his motorcycle home with his wife on the back. A police officer observed him speeding and turned around to pull him over. The motorcycle increased speed to over 100 mph and went through several red lights at high speeds. The police officer videotaped the roughly 2 mile alleged chase. The man was charged withfelony fleeing/eluding an officer and felony reckless endangerment second degree. Attorney Griessmeyer provided extensive defense, including a PTSD defense very early on in the case. After many motions including a motion to dismiss based on the officer's written report (initially witheld from the defense) that the saftey of everybody involved was not in jeopardy, the prosecution agreed to amend the two felony charges to one count of misdemeanor obstructing an officer. This decreased the young veteran's maximum exposure from 13.5 years prison to 9 months jail. After an argued sentencing hearing, the court sentenced him to one year probation, 20 days jail/ electronic monitoring, 6 month loss of license, 40 hours community service, and a $100 fine+costs. The misdemeanor conviction will be expunged upon successful completion of one year of probation. Attorney Griessmeyer was also able to get the city prosecutor (who initially said he did not feel sorry for the young man) to waive the fine and costs on the related unreasonable and imprudent speed ticket after informing him about PTSD causation to the charge.