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Felony Jury Trial- Not Guilty

Dane County Felony Jury Trial June 12, 2012.  Not Guilty-Mother of two charged with felony forgery for signing her husband's name on a check with signatures for both husband and wife.  Money was restitution payments from a babysitter who went to prison for beating the couples child to near death. Husband admitted he gave the wife permission in the past and that he never told her to stop signing his name.  He was upset that the couple was splitting up.  When the bank called him regarding his wife signing his name as she had done many times in the past, he told the bank not to cash the check then contacted the police to try to get his wife arrested and prosecuted. The banker gave the check back to the wife and never called police.  Although recently split up, they were still married at the time. At trial the husband testified he only gave his wife permission to sign his name to deposit checks not cash them.  The jury found the wife not guilty after about 25 minutes of deliberating.  The wife had to wait about 16 months before getting a trial and during that time was unable to find a job due to the open felony case.