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Madison and Milwaukee Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Last year there were 57 pedestrians killed and 1,169 injured in Wisconsin.  I represent pedestrians and athletes who are injured in collisions with cars.  As a bicyclist, triathlete, and marathoner, I spend a lot of time on the roads bicycling and crossing intersections on foot.  I am personally familiar with careless drivers and also able to understand the impact of injuries upon people who like to exercise.

Injuries suffered in a pedestrian vs. motor vehicle crash are often severe and life altering.  These types of collisions happen to people of all ages and for various reasons including drivers looking but failing to see, poor visibility, negligence by the driver or pedestrian, obstructed views, rolling stops, and various other reasons.  

If you are injured in a pedestrian vs. motor vehicle crash it is very important to get photos, video, and witness statements. These types of things are very difficult to obtain later on.

Common legal issues in these types of cases include getting medical bills paid, getting lost wages, and securing payment for future treatment related to injuries.  Which insurance company pays, how much, and whether or not they get all, some, or none of their money back at some point through subrogation is an important consideration in any injury case.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an Wisconsin pedestrian accident or you are survivor of a pedestrian who has been killed in a road accident, contact me via email or call me at 608 320-6710 Madison Area or 414 207-4426 Milwaukee Area to set up a FREE consultation to discuss your legal options with a Wisconsin Pedestrian Accident Lawyer.