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Personal Injury Lawyer

If you are looking for a personal injury attorney it's probably because you've been seriously hurt by a person who was careless, reckless, or intentionally hurt you. There is a good chance the person who caused your injuries is now blaming you.  The person who injured you is likely represented by an insurance company and its lawyers.  Their goal is to get you to go away for with as little inconvenience to them as possible.  They will make it as difficult as possible for you to get made whole for what happened.  

Most people don't want to get invovled with lawyers even after they have been injured.  However, sometimes the insurance company goes too far-for example, threatens to sue the injured person for property damage to its insured's car or lies to the injured person.  There is right and wrong, good and bad.  When you know you have been wronged and the insurance company is taking advantage of you, it is time to get a lawyer to level the playing field and put yourself on equal footing with the multibillion dollar insurance corporation.  Hire a lawyer like Clayton Griessmeyer who has never and will never represent insured companies blaming injured persons.  

How can a personal injury lawyer level the playing field?  A personal injury lawyer holds the insurance corporations accountable through the civil justice system.  This could involve presenting your case to an adjuster and trying to resolve the case for what you feel is fair (example-fair market value for the damage to your car caused by a drunk driver).  When insurance corporations refuse to make things right, the next step is filing a lawsuit.  When a lawsuit is filed the adjuster has less control and the corporation is forced to hire a lawyer.  Both sides must follow the legal rules set forth by the code of civil procedure as well as the trial juge's instructions and rules. After suit is filed, the insurance lawyer may have a more realistic picture of what happened (than the adjuster) and can convince the adjuster to resolve the dispute in a manner which is fair to both sides.  Sometimes, cases don't resovle.  In those cases, the injured person has a right to a jury trial.  The beauty of a jury trial is that 12 unbaised people will get to the truth of the matter.  Before a jury trial, there is nothing to keep the insurance company from blaming injured people even though everyone knows the injured person was not at fault.  For example, if you are hit by a drunk driver driving the wrong way down the road, the drunk's insurance company can blame you even if the police arrested and cited the drunk.  However, 12 unbaised jurors will become quite upset if the insurance company's laywer tries to blame the innocent injured person during a trial.  

I believe in personal responsibility. If people or companies injure others through negligence they should be accountable.  If someone makes a very poor choice and injures another person, the person who made the poor choice should make up for it by paying for the injured person's medical bills, otherwise society pays and the negligent person is not held accountable. Holding people accountable for unreasonable actions is not only fair, it makes our communties safer.  When people are not held accountable (look at driving in third world countries), more people get injured through negligence.  Negligence means doing something a reasonable person would not do-like driving through a red light during broad daylight, texting while driving, serving alcohol to a party full of 12 and 13 year olds and then letting them drive motor vehicles etc. 

If you were injured because someone else acted unreasonably and you feel you are being taken advantage of, please give me a call.  We can discuss your options and goals and the best ways to proceed.

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