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Possession with Intent

Wisconsin like all states has laws in place to prevent a person from possessing certain drugs with the intent to manufacture, deliver, or distribute.  Under the law, intent can be demonstrated by things such as the amount of drugs, the amount of money the drugs are worth, possession of tools or equipment that are used to grow or produce drugs such as containers, grow lights, books on growing, seeds, spores, and , possession of paraphernalia such as pipes, scales, baggies etc.  

The State will also look for other evidence of intent to sell including things like your photos, mail, emails, cars, friends, bank statements, phone conversations, where and when you travel, and various other things. 
Penalties vary depending upon the type of controlled substance allegedly possessed as well as the amounts and any charged enchancements.  
Possession with intent cases carry very high penalties and fines and often involve complex legal issues including suppression of evidence issues.  It is important to hire a lawyer with experience defending drug crimes.  Contact Attorney Clayton Griessmeyer for a free discussion and information about your recent drug case arrest.