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Sentence After Conviction by Jury Verdict Amended to Time Served

Man was in a car with other people and charged with ten different charges including possession of a gun, knives, cocaine and other charges.  The man was convicted on nine counts at his jury trial with a different lawyer and sentenced to two years jail.  After conviction, Attorney Griessmeyer represented the man for postconviction hearings.  The conviction was challenged on the basis of DNA evidence.  No DNA evidence was admitted at trial.  After conviction Attorney Griessmeyer had various items including a gun and brass knuckles tested for DNA.  Attorney Griessmeyer asked the court to release the man on bail/bond during the postconviction process and the court granted release despite objection from the d.a.  

After DNA testing and various court hearings and a motion for a new trial, the D.A. in the case agreed to dismiss one of the nine counts (that invovled a consecutive sentence), and agreed to time already served.  This meant the jury verdict of guilty was changed to dismissed after conviction and also meant the man did not have to return to jail to finish his two year jail sentence.