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Should I Plead Guilty to OWI or Consult with a Lawyer?

1. OWI convictions have serious consequences including large fines, revocation of license, insurance requirements, stigma, mandatory jail time, mandatory assessments, and other serious consequences.

2. Whether or not a person should admit guilt to a charge depends on that person's specific circumstances.  For example a person may think because they allegedly had a high bac that the person is automatically guilty and it is a waste of time to plead not guilty.  However, in certain circumstances cases get amended or dismissed regardless of bac results.  This is often related to issues concerning the stop and arrest.  Some cases are won at trial. Most laypersons are unable to tell whether or not they have issues in their case that could result in dismissal or amendment.  Therefore it is alway wise to at least speak with a lawyer.  Most lawyers will give you their opinion of your case for free.

3. Wisconsin DUI law is constantly changing and lawyers familiar with the laws should notice issues in your case that may be helpful.  For example, there are various cases where a driver's prior offense did not count for one reason or another.  In those types of cases, it can mean the difference between mandatory minimum jail and no jail.  

4. Lawyers who practice in local areas are familiar with changes to sentencing structures.  For example, in Dane County there is now an OWI treatment court with specific prerequisites.  Local lawyers are also familiar with things like transferring a sentence to another county, what to do to set up electronic monitoring, and other mitigating measures.

5. In looking at what happens on a daily basis in court, most people end up admitting guilt at some point.  However, when mandatory jail is involved and there is potential to save thousands of dollars and avoid any jail, it is wise to at least call a few lawyers to get their free opinion of what they think about your case before making any rash decisions.  

I offer free consulations on the phone or in person with any person looking to learn more about their DUI case, what to expect, potential issues, and how to proceed.  Call me any time.