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Top 10 City of Milwaukee Bike Laws

1.  Where to get a bike license

City Libraries, Dept of public works, police stations, bike dealers.


2. Biking on sidewalk.

This is o.k. if the sidewalk is identified by the common counsel and identified by signs as a bicycle way.  102-7


3. Riding two abreast.

This is legal if the flow of traffic is not impaired.  102-7


4. Cannot ride "no hands' and "fancy riding" prohibited.  See 102-7


5. Double riding on bicycle.

This is legal if the bike is designed to carry more than one passenger or a child.  102-9


6 Drunk biking.

This is not safe but Wisconsin DUI laws refer to cars not bikes.  See my article on this topic here. 


7. Crossing in crosswalk on bicycle.

Drivers should yield to bikes that have begun crossing with a walk signal.  102-9


8.  Running Red lights

This is legal if you wait for 45 seconds and the light does not change.  102-9


9. Brakes/ fixed gear bikes.

City ordinances require a brake.  What a brake is is debatable.  See my article here.


10. Lights at night.

Bikes need a white front light and red reflector or red light on the rear.