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Wage Loss After Car Accident

In Wisconsin, past wage loss/ loss of earning capacity is calculated by determining the difference between what a person was reasoanbly capable of earning at his or her usual occupation from the date of the accident to presen time and he/she not been injured, and what he/she was reasonably capable of earning during the period in view of his/her injuries.

A lot of times people who are injured try to handle the case on their own to avoid having to speak with a lawyer or having to pay a lawyer a portion of the settlement verdict.  The laws in Wisconsin relating to car accidents and other injury cases are complicated.  Even lawyers who frequently handle these types of cases make serious and costly mistakes such as not answering requests to admit within 30 days or missing a statute of limitations.  People with limited legal knowledge who try to handle a case on their own are at a significant disadvanate and will likely overlook things that are favorable to them.

For example, most people are surprised to learn that if they are injured by a person who acted unreasonably, they are able to get money for their past missed days of work even if they received sick or vacation pay.  Yes, in Wisconsin you can claim damages for missed work even if you were reimbursed by your employer just as you can claim past medical bills even if the bills were reimbursed by your health insurance company.  The reason for this is to hold the at fault party responsbile for the losses.  Oftentimes your employer or health insurance company will want the money back that it paid on your behalf.  

Calculating past and future wage loss/loss of earning capacity is time consuming, confusing, and often requires experts.  

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