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Who Pays for Medical Bills When There is a Car Accident?

Medical bills are one of the most common damages in an injury case.  Some attorneys and insurance companies use the amount of medical bills as a baseline for what they feel the entire case should settle for.  If someone does something unreasonable (like drives through a red light for no reason) and injures you, they should pay for your medical bills.  However, who actually pays, how much they pay, and whether or not that entity eventually gets paid back depends on each case.

Potential ways to cover your medical bills when injured by someone.

1. Your Health Insurance:  If you have health insurance and have to get an ambulance ride, helicopter ride, hospital visit, doctor visit, PT etc. your health insurance will pay for the bills.  However, each person's heath insurance contract includes something called subrogatoin where you agree to pay back your health insurance company if you get money from the person who hurt you.

2. The Other Person's Car Insurance:  If you are injured by another driver and the driver has insurance, the driver's insurance company should pay for your medical bills.  The amount the insurance company pays depends on the limit.  For example, if the person who hit you has $50,000 liability limit, they will only cover the first $50,000 of your bills.  If you have more than $50,000 in bills you will have to look elsewhere for payment.

3. Your Medical Payments Insurance:  If you have car insurance you have medical payments coverage.  You can use your own car insurance to pay medical bills.  This includes out of pocket.  For example, if you have health insurance but you have a 20% co-pay or $100 deductable, you can have your health insurance pay the bill and your car insurance med pay cover the deuductable/co-pay.  Your car insurance company will want its money back from any money you get from the at fault part at the end of your case just as your health insurance company wants its money back.

4. Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist:  if you have car insurance and your medical bills are more than the policy limit of insurance of the person who injured you, you can use your own insurance to cover the difference.

Note that the above are very brief examples.  These issues get quite complicated and there are untold numbers of legal cases interpreting laws that govern who pays, when, how much etc.  If injured by someone it is a good idea to call several lawyers and get their opinions.  Injury lawyers will talk with you for free and usually charge a contingent fee meaning you don't pay them until they get you money.  Personal injury lawyers are not only familar with cases like yours and the related issues, they know how to negotiate with subrogated insurers to get you more money in your pocket and are familiar with the ever changnig laws that can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars for example if you have not been "made whole" and your health insurance company wants its money back.

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