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Wisconsin Bicycle Insurance

Can you buy insurance specifically for your bicycle in Wisconsin?  Yes.

When a bicyclist gets hit by a car, usually the car driver's insurance will cover the injured bicyclist or the bicyclist can use his or her uninsured and underinsured motorist to cover damages.

There are various situations where there may be no insurance coverage.  For example, a crash during a bike race, a destroyed bike from driving into the garage with the bike racked, a stolen bike etc.

Velosurance is a bicycle insurance company that insures bikes in all 50 states.  They provide coverages that can supplement your exisiting car, home, and other insurance.  They provide specific coverages that are likely excluded from your other policies.

As a lawyer who represents bicyclists who get hit by cars, I would reccomend getting as much insurance and as many different policies as you can afford.  Look at each policy to see what it covers and make sure your combined policies cover all potential losses.

Call or email me anytime with questions about bicycle insurance related issues.